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One month later...

Well. Had an interesting last couple of days. Started with Friday. Went to ocean and came back. Drove the Cobra. Or rather R. drove. Left at 2pm. Walked to beach for 45 minutes, got back in the car and got back by 7pm. Cried all day yesterday and the day before. Been very emotional lately. I am almost getting annoyed with myself. Been thinking too much lately. I am letting everything overwhelm me at one time, but I can't seem to stop any of it. Like it's a necessary cycle that takes place every 5-6 months. Had really bad body ache last night. THought it was from the 6 hours that I spent planting trees all day at Hamm Creek. That was damn entertaining once I discovered that it was a retired sewage dumping ground. And the nearby marine corporation is polluting the area with their paint fumes because there is no filter on the back of the air purifier. Interesting no? So...Just recently got a fever. About 100.5 Have no idea what it's from. I feel so tired and completely burned out. Been writing up this lab now for a few hours and haven't really made much progress. I still need to do six species lists and descriptions. What a bunch of crap. This is all busy work damnit. I am trying to smile, but there is so much more that is happening than what I am telling you. Sorry to keep you from the long and drawn out version.
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