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Hum diddly dum doo. BLAH. Yesterday I spent four hours tromping around Mercer slough for Field Ecology. Twas fun...but nonetheless twas really f***ing boring. Thank god for the purchase of a digital camera. I entertained myself off the normal trail filming my adventure away from my "really interested" classmates.

I let R cut my hair last weekend. Was a bit random. I love it. Haven't had it this short since I was in sixth grade. Sitting here looking outside my window at the Madison traffic., waiting for Meags to get home. I thought she said her mom would be here around 12:30. Dunno. Maybe I missed something.

WHat's is with the damn weather anyways? I wake up at 7 and it's cold and overcast. I freeze my tats off walking to class. Then 11 rolls around and it's sunny, and slightly warming up. Then all of a sudden it starts hailing and raining. For gods sake it's MAY! I have lived here for 20 years and never has it been this cold in MAY!

Okay I am off to do some more laundry and possibly make myself some lunch. Adios.
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