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Moms B-day today. Happy Birthday!!! 51 and kickin.

I really should be drinking a lot more water, at least 2000 ml/day. It's like the obese nurse telling her diabetic patients that they really should get out there and exercise more. Can't preach to my patients if I don't do the same. At lease that's how I view it. Live the life you preach about- or at least strive for it. My own health has been baffling lately.

No eczema outbreaks, though we haven't hit the cold and dry weather yet. I just had my 1:10000 0.05 ml allergy injection today. One vial down, three to go. Only a few more months till my maintenance dose. The itching is starting to become problematic. "Just take some benadryl" they all say. Well damnit if it isn't the little hot pink pill that makes me fall on my face. I'd rather itch. Masochistic? maybe... I like knowing that my body is reacting to a foreign substance and making me itch those hives. I feel alive. I like being in touch with what is going on in my body. Besides, that wonder pill makes it impossible to stay awake at any time of the day. The little arm bumps are beginning to grow on me, no pun intended.

I have already voted. I will not stay up and worry. It's not worth it. Comparable to the verdict of many famous trials- i will not name them -for history’s sake, and mine. I am hopeful- yet all the numbers are really there- in those minds- just not on paper- for that we wait until tomorrow- hopefully before December this time around. A vs B, xyz. Things will change for the better, no matter what- I can only put my faith in the universe and the people who have learned that they really can make a difference this time around.

M was a witch for Halloween, T was a zombie, I was a faithful student. Bogged down by readings- which I actually thrive off of. Just still very hard to think that I have to prove myself to a professor who was once in my shoes- yet in a school much more lenient.

I know what I know- I love what I learn. That's how I know I love my work.
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