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Healthcare fails me again...

The worst part of my day:

Only after questioning, "Isn't there anything else that can prevent me from taking a trip to the ER?"
"Well if ya gotta go, ya gotta go." What an asshole.

I made a sick visit to the doctors office (my regular doc was booked, so the office lady just put me with whoever had an opening). I knew that I probably just needed a breathing treatment with the nebulizer, but I was appaled with my visit.

The bedside manner was horrid. My god, this is why I have chosen the life of nursing.

No introduction, no handshake, no eye contact, no conversing about why this happened, no discussing what I could have done to prevent, no advice for future possible attacks.

Listened to all of the lung lobes, reviewed my PFTs and said, "let's see if we can't get this squeak out of the right upper lobe here."

Then they gave me xopenex, just another bronchodilator. Still nothing for the inflammation.

When I finished the treatment, he reentered, asked, "You feel better?" "Sure, I guess" he promptly tried to leave.

"Umm excuse me, I have a question. Shouldn't I be on a long-acting inhaler?"
"No, you mean like serevent (ie. another brochodilator)? No, that would make you worse, definitely."
"No, I mean a corticosteroid, like flovent?"
"Oh... sure, I guess flovent would be good." He circles the med and signs his name, handing me the Rx.

Then he left. No goodbye. No feel better. No good luck. No empathy. Just here to do his job and leave.

I caught him in the hallway, and asked him what I should do if the Maxair didn't work.
"Well then, I guess you'd have to go to the hospital ER, but that hasn't happened, so there really isn't anything to worry about."

"I was in the ER last year for my inability to find relief with my rescue inhaler, Maxair. I would really like to prevent that from happening again." Had he read my chart, he would have known.

"Just use your Maxair." okay asshole, obviously your not paying attention, let's try again...

"Isn't there anything else that can prevent me from taking a trip to the ER?"

"Well if ya gotta go, you gotta go." as he shook his head and raised his shoulders, so matter of factly.

I turned around and walked out the door, only to burst into tears while riding the elevator downstairs. I was, I am MAD. I have never felt so ignored and so unimportant.
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