Reba, NS (beckylynn) wrote,
Reba, NS

The last month...

Okay. Christmas was great, and then I caught whatever bug Ryan had. Ended up with 103.5 fever for four days and was sicker than I have ever been in over 5 years. New Years was spent up north at the girls house, still recovering from the “flu.” We all fell asleep at about 11pm while the guys watched a movie in the living room. With a mean age of 25, we felt pretty lame, but hey, no hangovers.

My birthday was last weekend and everyone came out to the Olive Garden and then back to our house for some charades. Meags and Tedde came up too, it was a blast. The next morning she left for New York. Pressures are down and she did better with the exercise tests. Went with Meags, momma H. and the girls to the Tacoma Wedding Show. She found a great photographer for the ceremony. Lots of research to do. Lots of fun to have.

Another story: Ive been on mesalamine now for a little over a month for mild ulcerative colitis. After a normal dose of 3.2 grams per day, the doc decided to up me to 4.8 grams. In my Nursing drug book, 4 grams is the maximum dosage. It also lists renal toxicity as common with high doses, and kidney stone formation, especially when fluid intake is not sufficient. A bit concerned. Then the pink urine x 3 mornings, and R flank pain for the same. Had a sick visit with the doc today. Had a CT KUB to rule out kidney stones. I was sent home with percocet and pherergan. Nothing there. Waiting for the blood work to come back tomorrow morning. Needless to say, I was advised to stop taking the asacol all together. I’ll be in the OR all day tomorrow, and I’m a bit paranoid that I won’t be feeling very well when I wake up.

Staying positive, Open minded, have to focus on school. Today, as I lay on the CT bench while my body was pushed in and out of the round doughnut, I could feel the fear I have heard so many people talk about. Really nothing to worry about, it’s just a very awkward and scary experience. I really had to hold back the tears, and I’m not normally like that when it comes to medical stuff. I think my mind was focusing on what they might find. I’ve never had any type of imaging done before, and was worried about the .005% that I would have some sort of anatomical abnormality. Silly me.
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