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Reba, NS
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I don't remember why I started this journal, but my life started to open up as I began this writing. In August of 2001 I went to Ireland for a study abroad program. I spent the first few weeks in Dublin by myself, and then got on a train to County Cork to meet with my fellow classmates. On the train to cork, I met R. He just so happened to go to the same school and be in the same program as I was. We were friends for the first 3 months, then we opened up to each other. It has ben a little over three years now, and I am still learning so much... and believe me, there is still so much to learn.

I have had many friends in this life so far, many I have not seen for a long time, but they are missed, and always remembered. Some I will never see again. They are filled with peace...

If I can learn to live to accept CHANGE, I will truly see what it is to be reborn- Terry Tempest Williams

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